Tenerife South Airport (TFS)
Car Parking

(Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain)

Tenerife South Reina Sofia Airport (TFS) has a total of 866 parking spaces, spread over two car parks.

Around 58 of the total spaces are free 15-minute slots, while the remaining 808 spaces are for fee paid short-term and long-term parking.


A short-stay car park offering free parking for a maximum of 15 minutes is available at one of the airport's parking facilities, while the other main car parking facility offers short-term parking spaces that are charged hourly.


Long-term parking is available in a facility located adjacent to the terminal building. Parking is charged at a set rate for the first 4 days and at a reduced fee for the fifth day and any additional days thereafter.


Of the 866 parking spaces available, 11 spaces are dedicated to drivers with special needs. Disabled parking spaces are conveniently located next to the car park entrances for maximum convenience, while additional assistance can be arranged prior to your arrival at the airport by contacting you airline.

Tenerife Airport TFS

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